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"I was doing some planning for this year, in reviewing notes from our meetings there was so much insight and wisdom in the things I learned from you. These are as applicable today as they were a year ago. It has had a positive impact."

-Mark Mitchell Agent

"Your seminar was the best meeting I have ever attended, not only did you provide sound theory for why; you provided the systems and specifics on how to implement."

-Arizona Agent Sharon Dittman

"Your training article is excellent. I share it with my executive MBA students."

-Robert Hurley, PhD, Professor, Columbia University

"I think your ideas are great real world examples of what works in sales. Prior to State Farm I worked eight years in the wealth management division of a major broker and your systems would have been of great value."

-Michael Tuley Agency
Field Consultant

"The secret to loyalty is turning customers into clients by becoming their advocate and advisor."

"The quality of the time you spend with a customer is much more important than the quantity of the time."

"The more you know about your customer the more sales you will have."

"The quality of the interaction is much more important than the frequency of the interaction."

"The customers perception of value rules the world; therefore, you must be sure the customer understands your value."

"The biggest challenge you face is not getting an education, its keeping one."



To create a memorable customer experience

that customers seek and will talk about

 through needs based  
customer friendly systems.



Stoneage Marketing will provide insight to develop a structure for utmost efficiency and performance to individual businesses and or leadership teams. The emphasis is on a practical, professional real world approach to building long term business relationships with your customers, tied to consumer and employee behavior.
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